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"Estate agency invests in new lettings team"

Heywoods has ambitious plans to build up the Lettings side of its business and put it on par with the company’s Residential Sales division – which sells more houses per month in the Staffordshire town than the rest of the agents combined.

The company has installed four new faces – who have all worked together previously.

Laura Aspinall was appointed as Head of Lettings, and she has assembled a team of former colleagues, including Valuer Emily Brindley, Property Managers Declan Roberts and Amanda Walmsley, who are responsible for property maintenance.

Ms Aspinall said that she jumped at the chance to join Heywoods because she recognised the scale of the opportunity to establish a Lettings division that is comparable with the company’s flagship Residential Sales division.

“It’s simple,” she said. “Heywoods sells more houses than everyone else put together in Newcastle, and I want us to let more houses than everyone else put together in the area.

“This team have all worked together before and are focused on and committed to building up the Lettings side of the Heywoods business. We’re looking at introducing a range of new initiatives that will elevate the profile and capabilities of what we can do for landlords and tenants.

“The team have wasted no time in generating interest from landlords who are looking to review how their portfolios are being managed and the extra value and support they can receive with Heywoods.”

The new Lettings team are aiming to differentiate Heywoods through services like rental valuations, the ability to find good tenants quickly, the maintenance of rental properties and offering added-value services to help landlords and tenants to comply with all current regulations.

Laura added: “Moving to Heywoods has been a breath of fresh air for the team, and they are enjoying the freedom and autonomy of an independent estate agency. If we have an idea, we can run with it and don’t have to wait weeks or months for a decision from people who don’t understand the local requirements.”

“Ultimately, we can deliver a seamless customer experience for landlords and tenants. Our departments are all under one roof and issues are dealt with by experienced professionals that will take care of your property needs.”

Managing Director Chris Stops said that the company has made a significant but very necessary investment in bringing the new team together and providing the resources required to propel the Lettings business forward.

“For generations, Heywoods has been a trusted estate agent to buy and sell houses in Newcastle and the surrounding areas, and we have steadily built up the Lettings side of the business,” he said. “And, finally, we have a team that can take our Lettings department to the next level.

“They are a brilliant team that work really well together, and I’m sure landlords and tenants will see the difference.”


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