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Caring for your property

Our experienced property managers are here to help you

Dedicated Property Manager

Our experienced property managers are here to help you

Managing a property is a specialist job, requiring specialist skills, dedicated focus and a good nose for the situation at a property. So, meet Nina, Mike, Tina and Emliy, our full-time property management team, who have been looking after landlords’ properties for many years! They know whether damp is structural or a result of poor ventilation – and when to be suspicious about a tenant not paying the rent…


Trusted contractors

You can have confidence in our contractors

Because we manage so many properties, we have a bank of local contractors who are keen to keep us on side! This means we’re able to choose the best traders in each field, and ensure their work is carried out quickly, to a high standard and for a fair fee.

Before the tenancy

What you can expect from us before the tenancy

As well as finding you good tenants, before the tenancy begins, we will:

  • Make sure your property is legal - We’ll make sure your property complies with all the relevant safety regulations (find out more) and let you know if action is required to meet the legal standards.
  • Transfer the utilities - We’ll also ensure all utilities are transferred to your new tenants.
  • Register the deposit - By law all deposits must be registered independently
During the tenancy

During the tenancy we’ll: 

Collect the rent

Every month we’ll ensure the rent is paid and pass it on to you by BACS, after deducting our fees and any maintenance costs. Every month we’ll send you a rental statement.

Be on-call 24/7 

Unless you like those 3am calls about leaky loos, you’ll be pleased to know our contractors are on-call for you 24/7. 

Regular inspections

We’ll regularly visit your property to inspect it, and send you a written report on you property’s condition.

Before the end of the tenancy

Shortly before a tenancy expires, we’ll find out if your tenants wish to renew the tenancy. If both parties are happy to renew, we’ll, issue a new agreement and follow up with all parties.

If you want your property back, we’ll issue the correct notice to end the tenancy and if the tenants want to leave we’ll…

At the end of the tenancy

At the end of the tenancy we’ll:

  • arrange a thorough check-out inspection, and give you an independent view of any damages or dilapidations 
  • oversee the deposit return
  • offer advice on any repairs or refurbishment required to ensure a successful relet

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions about our services and how we can help you.

I've been really impressed with the Lettings team. Your telephone manner was excellent, and you provided some very useful insights about letting a property that neither of us had thought of.
Mr Jones - Landlord